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Video: Einsteigen mit Vielfalt (English transcript)

Speaker/Off: Every year over 6 million clients make use of the services of the Federal Employment Agency. Men, women, young, old, of German descent or with a migrant background, healthy or disabled - the full diversity of our society. And our employees are just as colourful and diverse as our clients. 115,000 professionals and specialists, whose job it is to help with questions about the job market. In the Federal Employment Agency, there are many paths to a career - especially for people with a migrant background.

For example Junfei Xu: he began his career as a trainee with the BA. After 3 years, he was able to complete his training and now works as a professional employee in a job centre.

Junfei Xu: The training itself was extremely varied. You actually work your way through all the departments in the Federal Agency.

Speaker/Off: For Xu, of particular importance was the contact with people that he can help.

Junfei Xu: Communication for us, in my work, is very important. We are communication specialists. The social aspect is very important for me: the contact with people. I like being able to help people in these situations.I also notice that a lot of people really do come back and people are really grateful. So this is really a very nice feeling, that's why I'm here, that’s why I do it too.

Speaker/Off: His colleague Gülsah Ünal has also been with the BA since 2011. After passing her school-leaving examination, her career began with a three-year course at BA’s university. Here, students can earn a bachelor’s degree in job market management or employment-oriented counselling and case management. Gülsah Ünal now has a permanent job at the BA. What Ünal especially likes is that it's not as bureaucratic as she thought.

Gülsah Ünal: The atmosphere in the team is amazingly good, I must say I had imagined it would be a little different. I must confess that I thought, Okay, we're a bit bureaucratic, everything moves a little slower here - but that is not the case. It is important that we all support each other and it works quite smoothly and altogether really well. And my work definitely brings me recognition, you also need that, otherwise it wouldn’t be much fun.

Speaker/Off: And something else the 31 year old appreciates: the chance to adapt your working hours to your life circumstances.

Gülsah Ünal: So, what I like best of all are the flexible hours. I know I have certain numbers of hours that I must complete in a week, but I also have the opportunity to work from home. For that, we are provided with laptops that we can take home. The BA as an employer is quite family friendly: I have no family, but I am planning a family and I know that I can, because with the BA you can plan.

Speaker/Off: David Lee Wingert, father of two children, also knows this. He joined BA as a trainee after completing a business degree and gaining a few years professional experience in the private sector. He is now deputy director of the Job Centre in Neukölln. He has never regretted joining BA.

David Lee Wingert: What I like most about my work is the operational freedom. I have the opportunity to achieve my goals in the way I believe is best and sensible. My employer asks me about results and not about my working hours. That is something very important for me at work and that also makes it very enjoyable.

Speaker/Off: It is also very important for him that the BA places special emphasis on equal opportunities.

David Lee Wingert: Well, I had neither identifiable advantages nor discernible disadvantages because of my migrant background. And it was then, at some point, that I came to realise: that it was exactly this that made the whole thing remarkable: it makes no particular difference. In essence, the emphasis is on people and, of course, their motivation too and - bottom line - as in all businesses, the result of course.

Speaker/Off: As a consequence of a consistent commitment by the BA to tolerance and equal opportunity in the selection and employment of its employees. There’s a chance for everyone here. And not only for those who want to work in career counselling or job placement. The BA has interesting jobs to offer In other areas too: For example, as an IT specialist or in controlling or in a medical role. Whether as an apprentice, student or switching careers, the Federal Employment Agency provides a lot of opportunities for secure and varied careers. Become part of the team at Germany's largest service provider for citizens.

Find out more at: www.arbeitsagentur.de/karriere