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How to learn German

It is important to learn German. A person who commands the German language usually soon settles down quickly in Germany. Moreover, knowledge of the language is necessary in order to find work. Here you can learn which courses are being offered as a general rule.

Anyone who wishes to live in Germany should take part in an integration course. In certain cases a permit, the certificate of eligibility, is required. You can obtain this from the Federal Office for Migrants and Refugees. From there you will receive further information and the required forms.

The integration course consists of a language and an orientation course. In order to come to terms with everyday life you first of all learn the language. The composing of letters and completing of forms are also practised. The orientation course follows on from that. This is where you learn everything connected with your rights and duties and community life in Germany. The general integration course lasts 660 hours.

Good to know: you can be exempt from the costs connected with this. To this end you must file a written application to your contact person in the Federal Office for Migrants and Refugees. You may find the organisers of integration courses in your neighbourhood on the website Kursnet. Or you may obtain their addresses from the Foreign Nationals Authority or a migrants’ advice centre.

There are many different providers of online language course on the internet. The exact contents may differ from one provider to another. It is important that you should select a course that is suited to your current level of knowledge. How long a course lasts depends upon your prior knowledge. You may check in advance how good your knowledge of the language is. Please feel free to contact us on this point.

Good to know: please inform yourself in advance as to whether you will incur costs for your language course. It may be that we will assume such costs. Please therefore seek advice beforehand from your contact person at the Arbeitsagentur (Employment Agency)/Job Centre. You may find suitable online language courses via Kursnet. Or you learn German using our "Arrive-App". This is free of charge! Furthermore there are online educational programmes offered by Government Broadcasting Station and German Adult Education Association.

There are so-called vocation-related courses. These language courses prepare you for work in a certain vocational field. You learn the necessary concepts, for example from the field of nursing care or that of handicrafts. There are also courses for individual professions. At the end of the course you will take an examination. The certificate can be of great use to you on your further career path.

The scope of the course is oriented to the demands made in your sector. The provider of the course checks, online or personally, how good your linguistic knowledge is. After that, the provider offers you a suitable course.

Good to know: the courses are subject to a fee. Please contact your employer – maybe it will pay the costs. If you are unemployed or your employment will shortly be coming to an end, the costs may be assumed. In such cases please ask your Arbeitsagentur (Employment Agency)/Job Centre before registering for a course. You will find the course appropriate to yourself online. Further information may be obtained from the Federal Office for Migrants and Refugees. We will also gladly provide you with information on this topic in a personal interview.