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More money for children in 2017

From January 2017 child benefit and child allowance will be increased
27 Dec 2016 | Press Release No. 58

At the beginning of the year, child benefit will be increased by 2 euros per month. This means that monthly child benefit of 192 euros will be paid for each of the first and second children and 198 euros for the third child. Monthly child benefit rises to 223 euros for the fourth and subsequent children, each. Payment amounts for child benefit will be adjusted automatically and paid as from January 2017. Those entitled to child benefit need not do anything to receive the increased amount.

Monthly child allowance will also rise by up to 10 euros to a maximum amount of 170 euros per child. 

Child allowance can be claimed by parental couples and single parents for children under the age of 25 under certain conditions. These include, for example, that the child is unmarried and lives in their household, that they are in receipt of child benefit for the child, and that other eligibility criteria (such as minimum income threshold, maximum income threshold) are met. A separate application is needed.

Together with the increase in housing allowance that has already been implemented and the increase from January in child allowance that has been decided, families with a low income will have a better chance in the future of no longer having to depend on benefits from their Jobcentre.

Appointments for detailed consultation on the topic of child allowance are offered by the Federal Employment Agency’s local Family Benefits Offices. Appointments can be made by calling the free service number 0800 4 5555 30. Further information, leaflets and forms are available online at www.familienkasse.de.