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Federal Employment Agency terminates ROBASO IT project

The diverse nature of the Federal Employment Agency's work means that the Agency's information technology systems and processes are very complex. Approximately 120 in-house developed IT processes support functions such as work placements, handling incentive measures and the payment of benefits such as unemployment benefit.
15 Feb 2017 | Press Release No. 5

Between 2011 and 2016 alone the BA spent €4.5 billion on the further development and operation of what is one of Germany's biggest IT infrastructures. In order to support its employees with modern IT services, the BA has planned and successfully implemented a number of innovative large IT projects, including the introduction of an electronic filing system.

Another project was ROBASO (Role-based Surfaces). The objective of this project was to enable and make it easier for BA employees to carry out their work on a single IT platform without double entries or having to change program. The development of ROBASO began in 2010 and led to a piloting in October 2015. Once put into practice on a customer level it became clear that the software was not sufficiently flexible to meet the complexity of customer queries. It would not have been possible to address these deficits within a short timeframe and in a cost-effective way. Therefore the BA has decided to terminate the project in which €60 million has been invested since 2010.

The termination of the project was confirmed by an independent external audit. The weaknesses in the software were first identified when used under real conditions.

In the meantime measures have been put in place so that such a project termination will not be repeated again – the development of new software is carried out in transparent stages with accompanying practical user tests. Large projects are regularly audited over their lifecycle in order to review the risk management of the project itself.

As a result of the findings from the ROBASO project all other currently running BA IT projects were reviewed. There are no other projects with comparable configurations.