The Family Benefits Office of the BA is making it easier to access Child Benefit and the Child Allowance

To make it easier for families to apply for Child Benefit and the Child Allowance in the future, the Family Benefits Office of the BA is steadily expanding its digital offering. In this way, it is fulfilling its legal mandate according to the German Online Access Act (OZG).

27 Jan 2023 | Press release no.5

Making paperless applications

Since last year, it has been possible to submit applications for Child Benefit at birth and Child Benefit from the age of 18 on a completely paperless basis using the ELSTER Certificate. The same is also possible for the Child Allowance – with the Digital Identity Card (eID). Both types of certification allow for an electronic signature and therefore replace the otherwise necessary handwritten signature.

Sending messages and submitting proof online

Families are now able to send direct messages to the Family Benefits Office online and to upload the documents that are required. These may relate to general issues or the proof required for Child Benefit or the Child Allowance, but can also apply to appeals or objections.  

Tried-and-tested online portfolio

In this way, the Family Benefits Office is completing its portfolio of digital services which has now been available for some time.  With the “KiZ Lotse” online pilot tool, families can check quickly and easily as to whether applying for the Child Allowance is worthwhile. With the video consultation and online appointment options, they are able to quickly access information and advice about the complex family benefit, the Child Allowance. A “digital assistant” (chat-bot) is also available, which provides answers to several questions about Child Benefit and the Child Allowance directly, and with the pilot function, also takes families to the right part of the website of the Family Benefits Office of the BA. 

High acceptance

With more than a million online applications for Child Benefit and the Child Allowance in 2022, the possibility to make online applications has been very well received. Our digital assistant, which was used an average of 31,000 times a month last year, has also proven very popular. 

Tipp:Good to know: An ELSTER Certificate can be applied for electronically from the fiscal authorities, and provides the highest degree of protection and security when forwarding confidential customer data online. For further information, visit Information on the Digital Identity Card (eID) is available at

The use of ELSTER or eID is voluntary – applications for Child Benefit or the Child Allowance can still be filled out online before being printed out, signed by hand and sent in the post. 

You can find all the latest information on Child Benefit and the Child Allowance online at