The Federal Employment Agency signs the “#positivarbeiten” (“positive working”) declaration of the German Aidshilfe (Help for Aids) charity

The Federal Employment Agency is supporting the “#positivarbeiten” initiative, which works to prevent discrimination against persons who are HIV positive in the world of work.

24 May 2023 | Press release no.24

A show of strength for a fair approach when it comes to HIV

Dr. Katrin Krömer, Executive Board Member for Resources, signed the “#positivarbeiten” declaration today. “Supporting diversity and equal opportunities is part of our DNA. The Diversity Management team at the Federal Employment Agency wants to create a working environment which values all employees in all their diversity, offers equal opportunities for all, and develops their wide-ranging potential in a targeted way according to their strengths. We are actively working to prevent persons who are HIV positive from being disadvantaged and want to set a positive example in this area.”

The #positivarbeiten initiative was launched by the German Aidshilfe (Help for Aids) charity. Those who sign the declaration confirm their commitment to supporting a world of work which is open and respectful, and to resolutely fighting the disadvantages associated with HIV.

The Federal Employment Agency takes a clear stand against discrimination

For this reason, the Federal Employment Agency has systematically anchored the topics of diversity, equal opportunities and inclusion within the complete life cycle of its staff team – from the recruitment, to the qualification and the staff development, all the way through to the off-boarding.

The full text of the declaration (in German) is available in the flyer #positivarbeiten – Respekt und Selbstverständlichkeit (positive working – Respect and Fairness).