For the first time, more than one million employed in IT sector

The number of employees in the digital sector subject to social security contributions crossed the million mark for the first time.

08 Aug 2023 | Press release no.39

Since 2013, this number has grown by around 380,000 employees. With an employment increase of 60 per cent, the number of employees has grown much more than overall employment. Over the past ten years, this figure has increased by 16 per cent.

Degree of academisation steadily growing

Employment in the IT sector usually requires at least a vocational qualification, in many cases also further education or a degree. The proportion of university graduates rises from year to year and stands at 41 per cent, a trend that continues to increase. 
Around one third of these employees work as software developers or programmers, another third as computer scientists with vocational training or even higher education, the others are employed, for example, as web administrators, user consultants or developers. 

On the one hand full employment, on the other hand bottlenecks in IT occupations 

In 2022, the BA reported an average of around 24,000 vacancies for IT staff, also a new high. The number of registered unemployed looking for employment in IT occupations was around 27,000. This gives an almost balanced ratio of unemployed to registered vacancies. The actual labour demand is even higher because companies do not have to declare all job vacancies. For years, there have been severe bottlenecks in some IT occupations. 

The full report is available on the internet at Labour market for ICT occupations

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