Social Inclusion Prize for Business 2024 - Inclusion works!

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01 Dec 2023 | Press release no.54

Inclusion has gained a lot of momentum in many companies in Germany - but there still more that can be done. As initiators of the Social Inclusion Prize for Business 2024, we are convinced that the best do achieve this is with good examples from the private sector for the the private sector showing that employing people with disabilities in our working world is a win-win.

The initiating organisations of the Social Inclusion Prize for Business – the Federal Employment Agency (BA), the Confederation of German Employers' Associations (BDA), the association Charta der Vielfalt e.V. and the UnternehmensForum employers’ association – invite companies to apply for the Social Inclusion Prize for Business 2024. 

“To create an inclusive society, it is essential that people with disabilities be able to participate in working life on an equal basis and with self-determination. At the same time, by promoting all talents equally, was can increase our innovative strength and competitiveness. The Social Inclusion Prize shows that the commitment to inclusion is the right choice from an economic  standpoint and is also forward-looking, and that everyone benefits from it,” says Daniel Terzenbach, Director, Regions of the Federal Employment Agency.

The Social Inclusion Prize for Business awards innovative and sustainable practical examples and places positive experiences of vocational training and employment of people with disabilities in companies of various sizes directly in the spotlight. It is intended to inspire companies to follow these examples.

Companies can be nominated for the prize or apply themselves from now until 31 March 2024.

Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Hubertus Heil, is the patron of this prestigious prize. His support stems from the conviction that the inclusion price “shows year after year very concretely that people with disabilities can contribute to the success of a business. Especially in view of the growing shortage of skilled workers, Germany cannot afford to ignore this great potential.”

More information and application documents can be found at:

About the sponsoring organisations

Federal Employment Agency 
The Federal Employment Agency is the largest service provider on the labour market. It advises both citizens and businesses on all issues relating to vocational training, employment and further qualifications. It also offers a wide range of services for the retention and creation of jobs – with the aim of sustainable participation in working life.

Confederation of German Employers' Associations
The Confederation of German Employers' Associations (BDA), as the leading social policy association for the entire German economy, aims to highlight the potentials of people with disabilities, raise awareness for education, training and employment prospects, and enhance the visibility of support offers for people with disabilities and businesses. Its aspiration in doing so is to further improve the appreciation of people with disabilities.

Charta der Vielfalt e.V.
The Charta der Vielfalt e. V. is an employers' initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions. The initiative aims to promote the recognition, appreciation and integration of diversity in the world of work in Germany. Organisations should create a working environment that is free of prejudice. All employees should be feel valued – regardless of age, ethnic origin and nationality, sex and gender identity, physical and mental abilities, religion and world view, sexual orientation and social background.

As an employer initiative, the UnternehmensForum promotes the issues of vocational training, employment and retention of people with disabilities in the labour market. The initiative sees itself as a nationwide platform for the exchange of experiences, identification of good examples and development of concrete suggestions for employers. The UnternehmensForum initiated the prize for the first time in 2012.