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Brewer and Maltster - the Profession of Barley Juice

Whether top-fermented, bottom-fermented, craft beer or bock beer - beer is considered a cultural asset in many regions of Germany.
23 Apr 2018 | Press Release No. 12

It's no wonder that new types of beer are constantly being developed or beer tastings for beer sommeliers are getting more and more popular. This is not the only thing that makes the profession of "brewer and maltster" an attractive training occupation.

It is a profession with tradition and great economic importance. For since 1934, the profession is registered in the list of trades that can be exercised as a craft. Additionally, the German Brewers Association counted just over 1400 breweries in 2016, and 1482 in 2017, in Germany. It points out that the number is again above the 1400 mark for the first time since 1978 and Germany is the fourth largest beer brown nation internationally.

The profession of barley juice is multi-faceted and it has a lot to offer. For brewers and maltsters do not only produce beverages, they deal with chemical processes, industrial and machine production and food laws. Incidentally, training companies pay between €764 and €881, depending on the Federal state, as a training allowance in their first year of apprenticeship.

Although the training centers nationwide are limited - for the start of training in 2017, 185 apprenticeship positions were registered at employment agencies and job centers. Nevertheless, it pays to think about this profession. If you decide to train as a brewer and maltster at a brewery some distance away from where you reside, you should ask your local Employment Agency for assistance, e.g. about vocational training allowance.

Background: Since 1994, the German Brewer Association celebrates the Day of the German Beer on April 23d.

Nationwide, in June 2017 there were almost 5,500 brewers and maltsters employed in jobs subject to social security insurance. In March 2018, 125 brewers and maltsters were registered at employment agencies and job centres as unemployed.


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