"Professions at a glance"

With just a few clicks you can obtain all the important information on occupational groups and thus find information about the labour market: from today, this is offered by a new visualisation on the Internet on the statistics pages of the Federal Employment Agency (BA).

23 Apr 2018 | Press Release No. 13

With this new presentation, people interested in the labour market can find answers to the following questions at a glance:

What is the position of civil engineering specialists in the labour market? What is the proportion of women among IT specialists in Rhineland-Palatinate? In which industries do most social scientists work? What about the demand for skilled workers in the hotel industry in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania?

It is very easy to use: select the desired region, then specify the occupational category and the level of requirements. The data on employment, unemployment and the need for skilled workers are presented in a clear and comprehensible way, both in graphics and tabular.

Especially for MINT occupations (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, and technology), there is a separate description, namely "occupations at a glance: MINT“ .

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