Million marks cracked

Online applications for unemployment benefit I

11 Jan 2019 | Press Release No. 4

In 2018, over one million applications for unemployment benefit I (Alg I) were submitted online for the first time to the Federal Employment Agency (BA). This was 44.2 percent of the total of 2.27 million Alg I request. For comparison: In 2017, the online share was still 33.6 percent (a total of 2.35 million Alg I applications, including 790,000 online).

Dr. Markus Schmitz, CIO of the BA, sees the BA on the right track with the implementation of its online strategy: "We are pleased to have broken the 1 million marks for the first time this year and increased the usage rate by 10 percentage points compared to the previous year. This shows that we are continuously developing our online services in a citizen-oriented manner. If this trend continues, we will receive more online applications than offline applications for the first time in the foreseeable future. The online application is thus increasingly becoming the rule and no longer the exception."

The process is simple and safe for customers: Data known to the BA is already inserted in the online requests. Additional information is provided for the input fields, and the entries are immediately checked for plausibility and completeness. Customers can view their documents submitted online at any time; they are also stored in their personal mailbox. In addition, they can use this mailbox to communicate securely with the employment agency, and they are also supported online when submitting necessary messages.

Today, citizens expect attractive online offers - this applies to private purchases on the internet as well as to public administration services. Since the end of 2014, the Federal Employment Agency (BA) has been offering its customers the option of submitting certain applications online.

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