10 years UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities: The idea of Inclusiveness is firmly anchored in the BA

The Federal Employment Agency (BA) is placing even greater emphasis on the inclusion of people with severe disabilities. The current employment rate of people with disabilities in the BA is 10 percent.

26 Mar 2019 | Press Release No. 12

On March 26, 2019, in Germany, it will be the tenth year since the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN-BRK) has been in effect. The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the central ideas of self-determination and inclusion oblige the BA as a federal authority - both as an employer and as a service provider in the labour market. For years, it has been involved in initiatives for inclusion, equal opportunity and diversity. The BA signed the Diversity Charter already in 2007.

2018: Increase of the severely handicapped rate to more than ten percent

The statutory employment obligation of persons with severe disabilities at BA has been well above the target of six percent for public employers, for years. In 2018, it was possible to increase the employment rate of severely handicapped people to just over 10 percent. An inclusion agreement strengthens the rights of persons with disabilities in the BA. Among other things, it supports the personnel recruitment and personnel development of people with severe disabilities, as well as the accessibility of buildings and workplaces.

Valerie Holsboer, Board Resources:

"The BA has been employing a large segment of people with disabilities, for years. We are very pleased that we were also able to significantly increase the segment of severely disabled people as new hires to 9.7 percent, in 2018. As an employer, we look forward to every single application from people with disabilities. After all, we will lose a third of the workforce within the next ten years due to demographics."

Our own coordination office "Inclusion in the BA and on the labour market"

Last year, the BA set up its own coordination centre, 'Inclusion in the BA and the Labour Market', which develops an overall strategy for people with disabilities and anchors the idea of inclusion throughout the BA and the labour market. In order to enable as many colleagues as possible to contribute their talents and potential, the BA has developed individually tailored workplaces for its employees and is continuously developing them further.

Modern technical aid equipment make the daily work easier

Modern technical aid equipment facilitates the daily work for employees with disabilities. Since 2001, a competence centre has been supporting tailor-made workstation equipment for motor- and sensory impaired employees. These include, for example, Braille displays, master cameras or number blocks.

There are also special interest groups for employees with severe disabilities in the offices of the BA. Within the framework of equality plans, the topic of "Women with Severe Disabilities" is given a special status.

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