– the new online service for Jobcenter customers

Jobcenter customers can now enjoy a new online service. A few weeks ago, it became possible to reapply for benefits and make changes online at The service is rounded off with lots of information on basic security benefits.

01 Aug 2019 | Press Release No. 24

Jobcenter customers can now file requests at The platform is jointly sponsored by the municipalities and the Federal Employment Agency. Customers can now reapply for benefits, make changes and use many other modern online services. Work is currently being carried out to replace letters and emails with a secure alternative communication channel.

The Federal Employment Agency started developing the project in 2017, leading to the launch of in May this year. Thiemo Lange, the Project Manager for “GE-ONLINE”, has summarised the first weeks following the go-live: “The service has been stable from the very beginning, and the first 1,000 online forms have already been submitted.”

Jobcenter customers have always been consulted and involved in the development of the project to gain important insights and make the service more customer-friendly. The service will be continually expanded following its successful launch.

The online service was facilitated by a nationwide project carried out by the Federal Employment Agency (BA). An important argument for the execution of the project is the online access law that was passed in 2017, obliging administrations to largely digitise their services by 2022.

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