Special session of the Executive Board

The Executive Board of the Federal Employment Agency (BA) will be convening for a special meeting on 29th August 2019. Among other topics, the Board will discuss the decision to make a proposal to the Federal Government regarding the appointment of a member of the Executive Board.

07 Aug 2019 | Press Release No. 25

The Employers' Group on the BA Board of Directors has proposed the former and long-standing Chairman of the Executive Board of the NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia) Regional Directorate, Christiane Schönefeld, as a new member of the Executive Board.

Christiane Schönefeld was most recently part of the Federal Government’s “Growth, Structural Change and Employment" commission (the "coal commission"). Over the past few years, this renowned labour market expert has developed and implemented a new concept for the transition from school to work with the state government and other labour market partners in the NRW region. This is one of the foundations for the BA initiative: “Lifelong career guidance prior to entering working life”, which will be rolled out nationwide this year.

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