Board support:  Christiane Schönefeld to become new board member

At today’s special meeting in Berlin, the Administrative Board of the Federal Employment Agency (BA) held a secret ballot to nominate Christiane Schönefeld as the new Chair of BA Resources. The committee will now advise the Federal Government to appoint the former CEO of the Regional Directorate of North Rhine-Westphalia as a member of the board. Christiane Schönefeld will assume responsibility for the BA’s human resources and finances.

29 Aug 2019 | Press Release No. 28

Annelie Buntenbach, Chair of the Administrative Board, has explained the Administrative Board’s decision to elect the proven labour market expert: “Christiane Schönefeld is a highly skilled and sought-after labour market expert with many years of management experience at the Federal Employment Agency. She’s always worked intensively in her specialist field, and her labour market expertise has been utilised on several development projects. This will allow her to provide key impetus centrally from Nuremberg in the future”. 

Steffen Kampeter, who represents the Employers’ Bank that proposed the candidate to the Administrative Board, adds: “I’m delighted to see such a large majority of board members accept our proposal. Christiane Schönefeld’s work in North Rhine-Westphalia has given her profound knowledge of labour markets and lots of experience in arranging complicated structural change processes within a network of different partners, as she recently proved on the coal commission. She’s an excellent choice for the upcoming challenges within and beyond the BA”. 

Steffen Kampeter, the Chief Executive of the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations, was also elected as the new deputy Chair of the Administrative Board at today’s special meeting.

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