More child allowance possibilities now available online

Changes to address, marital status or account balance: If you are entitled to receive child allowance, you can now report changes to many aspects of your housing and living conditions online.

02 Sep 2019 | Press Release No. 29

No more postage fees or travel costs

If you are entitled to receive child allowance, you can use the new Familienkasse website ( to conveniently report changes around the clock.  You can record your changes electronically by entering the data in a clear and simple input mask.

If you are entitled to receive child allowance, some of the changes you can now report online include changes to your address, marital status and the amount of children living in your household. This can help you save on postage fees and travel costs. You won’t have to fill out any more paper forms to receive child support.

Handwritten signature legally required for changes to bank details

Customers can now also report changes to their bank details online. However, a supporting document must be personally signed by the child allowance beneficiary or account holder. This handwritten signature is required by law.  Once the necessary data has been entered in the input mask, a compact PDF document will be generated; customers must print this out and return a signed copy to their local Familienkasse. The responsible Familienkasse will be automatically determined when the child allowance number is entered in the document.

You can get more information about the website – and application forms and leaflets on child allowance and supplements – from your local Familienkasse or online at

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