Germany welcomes its 100th nurse from Mexico

BA looks back on one and a half years of successful recruiting

02 Sep 2019 | Press Release No. 30

It’s early September and five Mexican nurses arrive at Munich Airport to start their jobs at a clinic in Lower Bavaria. They’ve come a long way – not just geographically, but also professionally: Exactly one year ago, they attended a recruitment event in Mexico hosted by the International Placement Service (ZAV) of the Federal Employment Agency (BA). The event was part of a new project launched by the BA to find nurses for hospitals and old people’s homes in Germany. 100 Mexican nurses have come to Germany with the help of the BA since the project began in March 2018, and 300 more are expected over the next few months. German clinics and nursing facilities are very much interested in these professionals due to the high nursing education standards in Mexico.


Long process especially due to language acquisition

However, a lot of patience is required from candidates and employers alike. In the time between their selection and arrival in Germany, the nurses must prepare for their new jobs – especially by learning the language. They also need to apply for a visa, request access to the labour market and ensure the recognition of their qualifications obtained in Mexico. Once they’ve arrived, they have to continue learning the language. After all, healthcare and nursing care specialists in Germany must demonstrate B2 German skills, as measured by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


Focus on fair migration

The BA is carrying out its project for the recruitment of Mexican nurses in close coordination and collaboration with the Mexican National Employment Services (SNE). The SNE has been involved in the selection of candidates from the very beginning to prevent the poaching of nursing staff required in Mexico. Participating in the project will also allow Mexican specialists to develop their professional and practical knowledge if they ever decide to return to Mexico.

“Collaborative approaches are particularly important for us to attract qualified professionals from abroad. This excellent cooperation with our Mexican partners is therefore a key ingredient in our success. The Federal Employment Agency and SNE would like to sign a cooperation agreement as soon as possible to consolidate our partnership”, highlights BA board member Daniel Terzenbach. “The organised migration of specialists to Germany should be beneficial for everyone concerned”.

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