Applications for child allowance can now be made online

You can now make an application for child allowance online. It’s quick and easy, there’s no paperwork, and you can do it whenever and wherever you like.

24 Feb 2020 | Press release no.9

The new online application process was presented today in Berlin by the Federal Minister of Family Affairs (Dr Franziska Giffey) and the Head of the Family Fund (Karsten Bunk). This is a crucial aspect of the overall reform of child allowance in line with the “Strong Families Act”.

After the second stage of the Strong Families Act came into effect on 1 January 2020, more families are now entitled to child allowance (KiZ). Depending on the family’s financial situation, this may amount to 185 euros a month per child. This means low-paid (single) parents no longer have to claim basic security benefits. Access to child allowance is now quicker and easier – with the new online application.

How do you apply for child allowance online?

If you already claim child benefits for your children, you can now conveniently apply for KiZ online – even on the go from a smartphone or tablet. You can find out whether you meet the KiZ eligibility criteria by using the informative tool (“KiZ Guide”) at You can then make your online application by completing the simple, step-by-step form. For legal reasons, the automatically generated application document still has to be printed out, signed and sent to the BA Family Fund (Familienkasse). If you don’t have a printer, your application can also be printed out by the Familienkasse and sent to your address for you to sign.

An important step to make KiZ more accessible

The improvements made by the Strong Families Act will benefit even more families in which parents struggle to make ends meet despite their small or medium income. Thanks to the easy online application process, they no longer have to make an appointment with the authorities or battle their way through complicated forms. “Work should be worthwhile, because the best protection against child poverty is when parents have a job and earn enough money. I’m delighted to see that KiZ is particularly worthwhile for single parents, as the families who are most at risk of poverty in our country can now get the extra support they need. As more parents are now entitled to KiZ, they can receive more money for their children’s education and involvement in society, and they don’t have to pay nursery fees”, explains Dr Franziska Giffey, Minister of Family Affairs.

“I’m glad our online applications have made KiZ more accessible and done away with all the paperwork”, says Karsten Bunk, Head of the Familienkasse. “It’s never been so easy to apply for KiZ – and our applications for child benefits are just as accessible and digital. We’re happy to offer families advice on any questions they might have about KiZ and online applications. And if you don’t have time to pay us a visit, you can use our innovative video support – wherever you are! I see this as one big reflection of my organisation’s mission statement: We help families”.

Online applications have been open for a few weeks. With over 850,000 page views, the BA Familienkasse has already received 140,000 complete online applications and 520,000 pieces of uploaded evidence. The reviews requested from customers immediately after the online application paint a very positive picture (4.4 out of 5 stars). Our customers can make comments and suggestions for improvement, which are then considered in the continuous optimisation of our online application process. For example, the Familienkasse is now planning to enable KiZ applicants to access the video support at any time when filling out their online application to receive quick, easy and personal assistance from our KiZ consultants.

You can find out all you need to know about online applications with the KiZ Guide and video support – and more information on child benefits and child allowance – at your local Familienkasse or online at and