"Day of social justice": the Federal Employment Agency (BA) supports fair migration

The Federal Employment Agency (BA) is working to encourage fair access to the German labour market for people from Germany, the EU and other countries in a variety of ways. Together with its EURES network partners, for example, it is creating a digital and face-to-face Europe-wide offering for jobseekers and businesses.

18 Feb 2022 | Press release no.8

With its integrated jobs search website, the EURES European Mobility Portal connects all governmental employment services in Europe as well as other members of EURES and EURES partners. EURES focuses on making access to the labour market as straightforward as possible. With the help of the BA, at EURES, companies and jobseekers in Germany are able to post their job vacancies and/or make applications throughout Europe. In this respect, it is important for social justice in the recruitment and placement of personnel to be supported by transparency: with multilingual information on the labour markets in Europe, the domestic employment regulations and the social framework conditions such as average wages, for example.
The BA works closely with all the member states of the EU as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.
At present, some 3 million job vacancies, 4,000 companies and 800,000 jobseekers are registered on the EURES portal.
More than 200 EURES stakeholders at the BA enable information, advice, personnel placement and recruitment in Germany and the European labour market to be made available to EU citizens, therefore contributing to social justice.

The EURES mobility portal, including online job search website: https://ec.europa.eu/eures/public/index_de

Social Security Regulation (EC) no. 883 / 2004 coordinates the social security systems of the member states of the European Union. In the 1990s, the European Commission also established the European Employment Service (EURES) network which is now part of the European Labour Authority. The Federal Employment Agency is a member of this network, along with 13 other EURES partners and EURES members in Germany. Across Europe, the EURES network is organised through national coordination offices and more than 1000 EURES advisors, who offer clients the appropriate services for finding jobs or personnel in the European labour market in accordance with the principle of equal opportunities.