Partners of the Alliance for Initial and Further Training promote vocational training during the “Week of Training 2022” of the Federal Employment Agency

Joint Press Release

14 Mar 2022 | Press release no.13

Today sees the start of the “Week of Training” of the Federal Employment Agency (BA), in which many partners of the Alliance for Initial and Further Training are participating alongside the regional directorates, employment agencies and job centres. Dual training provides practical experience right from the outset - even during the pandemic - and is the key to sustainable opportunities for professional development.

The Alliance for Initial and Further Training supports businesses and young people on the road to training and would like to bring them together even more effectively on the labour market. With their digital and analogue services, and in the regions, the federal government, business, trade unions, Länder and BA offer information and advice for all those interested.

The Alliance partners are calling upon young people to actively seek training now. With dual training, young people can secure their own future and enjoy involvement in future tasks. Even less well known skilled occupations have a lot to offer, so it is worth keeping an open mind. They can find the right skilled occupation at, for example, the sites #AusbildungKlarmachen and (available in german). They can find support for learning deficits and educational needs as well as attractive offers of advanced and further training during and after initial training. As qualified specialists, young people can make a decisive contribution to shaping the implementation of the digital and environmental transformation, because this change cannot succeed without them. Against this background, the Alliance for Initial and Further Training wants to continue its important work in the new legislative period.

The Alliance partners are appealing to companies and businesses to secure the urgently needed next generation of skilled employees via their own training. The Alliance partners are asking businesses to give all of those interested a chance – here too, there is a need to be open, so that they gain motivated and dedicated skilled employees! Digital formats make it possible to reach and recruit trainees, and to support this process, even during the pandemic. There are numerous funding options that provide support in the search for suitable trainees and in successful training. The relevant information is compiled in a links list on the Homepage of the Alliance. This is supplemented with regional options in the Länder. The careers advisers and the employer service of the employment agencies and the training advisory services of the professional associations also provide support for this (; (available in german). (available in german)

You can find further information on the Alliance for Initial and Further Training.