Administrative Board sets personnel course for the future

In Nuremberg today, the Administrative Board of the Federal Employment Agency (BA) passed the necessary resolutions for a reorganisation of its Executive Board.

08 Apr 2022 | Press release no.16

The panel has proposed to the German federal government that Andrea Nahles is appointed future chair of the Administrative Board, and that Vanessa Ahuja and Dr Katrin Krömer are appointed future members of the Executive Board of the BA.

These decisions are necessary as the current Chairman of the Executive Board, Detlef Scheele, is retiring on 31 July 2022 and the member of the Executive Board responsible for human resources and finance, Christiane Schönefeld, is retiring on 30 September 2022. Daniel Terzenbach, responsible for regions, will remain a member of the Executive Board.

The members of the Executive Board proposed by the Administrative Board still have to be officially nominated by the federal government and officially appointed by the President of Germany. The new Executive Board team will then be fully operational when Ms Schönefeld leaves in October.

Anja Piel, Chair of the Administrative Board and member of the Federal Executive Committee of the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB), made the following comments about the decisions taken today: “As the Administrative Board, with today’s decisions, we are very pleased to be able to propose to the German federal government three proven experts on the labour market to join Daniel Terzenbach on the Executive Board. The BA will continue to face some major challenges in the years to come. In this respect, managing the coronavirus pandemic, the effects of the war in Ukraine, the configuration of structural change and transformation processes are just some of the topics. These challenges require a motivated and competent team on the Executive Board which will shape the future of the labour market together with the Administrative Board and the social partners.”

Christina Ramb, Deputy Chair of the Administrative Board and member of the Executive Board of the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations (BDA) added the following comments: “Digitalisation, demographic change and securing skilled labour are already placing considerable demands on the BA – not only on the labour market, but also at the internal level. Together with the Administrative Board, the current Executive Board has worked hard to make the BA fit for the future in terms of human resources, IT, infrastructure and financing, and to get better and better at placing jobseekers and offering advice. This approach must continue to be applied decisively. The goals determined in the coalition agreement will further expand its tasks and responsibilities. The BA has also been called upon to support the refugees from Ukraine who are seeking work in Germany. All of this necessitates wide-ranging professional expertise and leadership experience. The future members of the Executive Board can offer these skills. This will therefore ensure a smooth transition in the executive team of the BA.”