Partners of the Alliance for Initial and Further Training start the "Summer of Vocational Training"

Joint press release

04 May 2022 | Press release no.20

This year, the partners of the "Alliance for Initial and Further Training" are again starting their "Summer of Vocational Training". German Chancellor Olaf Scholz welcomed the Alliance in a video message (available in German).

The campaign is geared towards young people, parents and businesses. In a multitude of nationwide, state-level and regional events from May to October, important issues are up for discussion: career guidance, the appeal of training, diversity of talent and follow-up placements.

The "Summer of Vocational Training" took place last year for the first time, and was very successful, featuring more than 800 events and striking a significant chord in social networks. (#AusbildungSTARTEN)

In the current situation it is particularly important to boost the pool of skilled employees. Dual training is the driving force behind the recruitment of skilled workers. In more than 320 dual-training apprenticeship trades, young people can use and develop their strengths and abilities to launch a future with varied career and development opportunities.

The scheme is designed to promote the internationally-known German dual training winning formula as well as the varied support programmes. The aim is to help as many young people as possible in 2022 to start apprenticeships in a company.

Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck: "Dual training provides young people with a multitude of exciting and challenging occupations with which they can for example actively help shape the energy revolution. Whether in energy, mobility or digitisation – everywhere well-trained skilled workers are in demand, and dual training provides the foundation for this. With the 'Summer of Vocational Training', we together want to encourage young people to do an apprenticeship and help them find a position which suits them. We need much more intensive career guidance, and must promote dual training at all levels. The Alliance is a good tool towards achieving this goal."

Federal Minister of Education Bettina Stark-Watzinger: "Dual training is an excellent career stepping stone with numerous opportunities for present-day job security and future development perspectives. That's why I support the Summer of Vocational Training in my capacity as a Federal Minister. A collective effort is vital, because nowadays we urgently need more skilled workers. I hope that as many young people as possible start an apprenticeship this very year!"

Federal Minister of Labour & Social Affairs Hubertus Heil: "Whether in the workshop, office or bakery – job training can launch an exciting career and offer good opportunities for the future. The Summer of Vocational Training aims to encourage young people to start an apprenticeship, a vital component of which is to inform these of the many training opportunities. I'm pleased that after the long months of Covid-19, the job agencies and youth career agencies are again able to offer on-site counselling in schools and at fairs. Our Summer of Vocational Training is also a vehicle with which we can also provide pupils via placements with an early taste of practical work and help them test their strengths and skills in the workplace. We are helping today's pupils to become tomorrow's apprentices so that the day after tomorrow they are established as specialists."

Minister of State Reem Alabali-Radovan: "More than a third of all young people in Germany between the age of 15 and 25 have immigrant family connections. They obviously have to have equal opportunities for quality training, and we have to make sure that qualifications are what count, rather than the name, appearance or background people have. Dual training is a marvellous stepping stone to the job market, and it is crucial that the diversity of our society is represented in DAX corporations, handicraft businesses, district authorities or in the country's federal administration. We have to set an example and pave the way for a federal diversity strategy. Let's provide everyone with an equal head start and a chance of promotion."

Detlef Scheele, Chairman of the Federal Employment Agency: "At the start of the 'Summer of Vocational Training', employers throughout the country are again announcing a sharp increase in training positions, but the number of applicants is still dwindling. That's why we have to coordinate the initiatives of the 'Alliance for Initial and Further Training'. After the difficult pandemic years, it is more important than ever that no young person misses the transition from school to career. Our joint target is to supply sustainable job opportunities for all of our young people, and dual training provides this in practically all branches. At the same time, we are in this way making an important contribution to safeguarding work skills in our country.

We are therefore actively supporting the 'Summer of Vocational Training' with a multitude of schemes and events. We are informing and counselling young people on the spot and digitally. We are also helping businesses to turn youngsters into skilled workers. For instance, we support them financially with initial qualification and 'assisted training' schemes."

Karin Prien, President of the Education Ministers and Minister of Education, Science and Culture of the State of Schleswig-Holstein: "The chances of starting a successful career with an apprenticeship have never been better. The 'Summer of Vocational Training' offers comprehensive guidance on the diversity of the job market and the corresponding job opportunities in all sorts of events to those who haven't yet decided what to do and people who are looking for apprenticeships."

Friedemann Schmidt, President of the Federation of German Independent Professionals (BFB): "The independent businesses in industry, trade and handicrafts are undeterred in their support of apprenticeships for the young despite the difficulties arising from the pandemic and the war in the Ukraine. We are confident that this year we will continue to contribute to the success story of the 'Summer of Vocational Training' following the increase in new contracts of 30 September 2021. The thematic focuses on 'Career Guidance', 'Attractivity of Training', 'Diversity of Vocational Education' and 'Follow-Up Placements' are just the right action areas for the promotion of vocational training. Dual training and subsequent further education continue to provide young people with the best of opportunities and career options as well as professional independence. All skills are welcome and are required if we are to cope with the future tasks that lie before us. Be it the transformation process, the energy and mobility revolution, the provision of affordable living quarters, the digitisation of administration and the world of business or demographic change. With our training positions, we want to encourage young people to join us on their career path and find a corresponding apprenticeship."

Elke Hannack, Deputy Chairwoman of the German Trade Union Association (DGB): "The best way of solving the shortage of skills is to provide high-quality, appealing apprenticeships. The Summer of Vocational Training provides young people with information on the immense diversity of careers, and actively allows companies to recruit new staff. We urge both sides to make the most of the counselling and information services. We still have a big pool of young people who would like to start an apprenticeship but need to be given a chance. That's why our main focus should be to provide enough training positions and to be able to fill these."

Further information on the "Summer of Vocational Education" and on the Alliance for Initial and Further Training is available on the website: Alliance for Initial and Further Training.