New chairwoman: Vanessa Ahuja assumes post in Nuremberg

Vanessa Ahuja has officially been in office since 1 May 2022. On 2 May 2022, she assumed her post at the Nuremberg headquarters of the Federal Employment Agency (BA).

06 May 2022 | Press release no.21

The 53-year-old job market expert transferred to Nuremberg from the Federal Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs, and will, in her department of "Services and International Affairs", be responsible inter alia for implementation of the prospective Bürgergeld [Citizens' Basic Income Scheme]. The migration of skilled workers and the benefits of the Familienkasse [Family (Benefits) Office] are also among the responsibilities of the new chairwoman.

Along with Vanessa Ahuja, the BA's Management Board is for the first time made up of four members.

In the months to come, there will be a further change at the top of the Nuremberg authority. On recommendation of the Administrative Board of 8 April 2022, and the prior consent of the Federal German Cabinet, Andrea Nahles shall in August, after being officially appointed by the German President, become Detlef Scheele's successor as Chairperson of the BA's Administrative Board. Scheele will be retiring at the end of July.

In October, a further new board member, Dr. Katrin Krömer, will be assuming her post. Dr. Katrin Krömer is to replace Christiane Schönefeld, who will also be retiring.

Daniel Terzenbach, who has been an acting board member since 2019, rounds off the BA's new executive team.