Katrin Krömer takes up post: New full board starts work

With the assumption of office of Dr. Katrin Krömer on 1 October the new board of the Federal Employment Agency is complete. With immediate effect, Krömer will be responsible for the departments of Human Resource Management, Organisational Development, Controlling, Infrastructure and Purchasing.

04 Oct 2022 | Press release no.44

Previously she was in charge of Human Resource and Management Development at Deutsche Bahn AG. The 49-year-old is already very familiar with the BA. From 2009 to 2015, as Managing Director, she was responsible for the departments Human Resources, Finances and Controlling at the Berlin-Brandenburg regional office. She follows Christiane Schönefeld, who went into retirement at the end of September.

“Digitalisation, demographics and decarbonisation are changing the labour market. We will support people and businesses, position ourselves to be even more customer-oriented and continue to become stronger as a modern, digital, open and learning organisation. And we will show ourselves to be a more than attractive employer, because even the BA is feeling the change on the labour market and is in competition for skilled employees”, said Krömer.

Nahles: “Krömer is a double asset” – board now complete

Andrea Nahles already acceded to the office of Chairwoman on 1 August. The 52-year-old will also be responsible for the Financial Department and IT of the BA.

“I look to working together with Katrin Krömer. She is a double asset for the BA. We welcome an experienced human resources manager who moreover has a feel for the organisation thanks to her previous experience in the BA. We now have a complete board and are dedicating ourselves with full effort to the long-term structural trends and the current economic hurdles on the labour market. We are doing our utmost to bring unemployed people into work and to keep employed people in jobs”, said Nahles.

The board also includes Vanessa Ahuja and Daniel Terzenbach. Ahuja has been acting as Benefits Director since May and is also responsible for family benefits and international business. She was previously a Head of Department at the Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs. Terzenbach has already been on the board since 2019. As Chairman for the Regions, the 42-year-old is responsible for advice and placement and directs the regional offices.

Around 110,000 employees work in the BA. Of these around 42,000 work at the job centres and 5,000 in family benefits.