Immigration of Foreign Skilled Labour Force - Recommendations by the BA

The Board of Directors and the Executive Board present recommendations for simplifying targeted labour force migration.

18 Oct 2018 | Press Release No. 27

In recent years, the BA has accumulated a wealth of experience in attracting and placing skilled workers from foreign countries, for example, in the "Triple Win" project for the acquisition of nurses from third countries.

It brings this expertise now to the discussion regarding a "Skilled Labour Force Immigration Law" and its implementation.

An interdisciplinary working group composed of Board of Director members and those of the BA Administration, established by the Board in the spring of 2018, has put forward concrete recommendations to simplify targeted skilled labour force immigration from third countries, with the participation of experts from trade unions, employers' organizations, representatives of various ministries and other institutions.

Challenges from a total of ten areas of action were identified and concrete measures presented which may facilitate the employment-related access routes to Germany.

For details regarding attachment and lifting points, please refer to the Final Report, attached to this document.

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