Finding Specialists and Promoting Inclusion

The Federal Employment Agency (BA) is taking the International Day of People with Disabilities as an opportunity to promote inclusion in the world of work.

02 Dec 2019 | Press Release No. 36

The fact is that severely disabled people have benefited from the upturn in the labour market in recent years. However, not quite as much as those without severe disabilities.

The number of unemployed younger people with severe disabilities has fallen, while that of older people has risen. This is due to the abolition of regulations relating to early retirement, but also to the fact that some severe disabilities are not congenital. They are the result of life-long illnesses.

"People with severe disabilities are often well-qualified and motivated professionals. This is an opportunity for enterprises that are desperately searching for specialists, says Christiane Schönefeld, who is on the BA's Executive Committee.

Because statistics show that unemployed people with severe disabilities are even better qualified than other unemployed people.  Nearly sixty percent of them have some form of company, school or academic education or training. The figure for all other unemployed people is just under fifty percent.

Beyond this day, the BA is committed to numerous initiatives and measures to promote inclusion in Germany. For example, it contributes towards the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities by providing workplaces suitable for disabled people. In this way, the BA not only succeeds in meeting, but also exceeds the required five percent disability quota. In 2018, 10.3 percent of BA employees were severely disabled.

The BA wants to be a pioneer in this field and is itself specifically recruiting employees with severe disabilities.

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