Starting a Business

Do you have a good idea for a business? Would you like to take the next step towards self-employment? This calls for thorough planning. We’ll tell you what you need to ensure.

With a suitable business idea and a business plan

Would you like to become self-employed? Then you should prepare yourself thoroughly. Speak to experts that are familiar with your sector. Draw on the experiences of other people who have set up their own businesses.

You will need a business plan to form the basis for self-employment. In this plan, you should

  • describe the product
  • analyse the market
  • define sales and marketing strategies
  • plan staffing requirements
  • secure financing.

Wichtig:Important: Setting up a business is a huge challenge. Weigh up the risks and opportunities carefully.


Obtain comprehensive advice before setting up a business. Are you registered with the Employment Agency or the Jobcenter? Then discuss your project with us. We’ll provide comprehensive advice in relation to your plan. Are you leaving your home country in order to become self-employed in Germany? Then you can obtain information online via Make-it-in-Germany.

Financial assistance

Are you unemployed and interested in becoming self-employed? Then you can apply for a start-up grant. If you are in receipt of unemployment benefit II, one option would be initial financial support (Einstiegsgeld). Do you need more information on this or on other funding opportunities? You Employment Agency/Jobcenter will be happy to advise you.

Tipp:Good to know: Network IQ provides business start-up information for foreigners with a residence permit.