Identification without a trip to the agency

The selfie identification process makes it possible using your cell phone

Now, applicants for unemployment benefit I can verify their identity with the Agentur für Arbeit using the electronic selfie identification process. 

The law requires that applicants verify their identities in order to receive unemployment benefits. However, this requirement has been suspended since the coronavirus pandemic began spreading throughout Germany.

To facilitate identity checks without applicants having to personally appear, the Bundesagentur für Arbeit is cooperating with the company Nect GmbH to create a digital option.

The new tool is called the selfie ID process. All you need is a device that can run apps, such as a smartphone or a tablet, an internet connection, and a valid ID document like your personal ID or passport.

After downloading the app, you will log into eServices from the Employment Agency. Protection of your personal data is guaranteed.

Using the app, applicants can confirm their identity in just three steps: Take a short video of yourself, film the front side of your ID, and photograph the back of your identification document.

Important note: The self ID process is a voluntary option for customers.

If there is anyone who does not want to take part in this process, which is limited through 31 december 2020, or if they do not have the technical devices needed to do so, the Employment Agency will invite them for an in-person appointment, where the identity will be checked in the usual manner.

Important note: Everyone eligible to use this process will receive a letter by the end of July offering and explaining the option of the selfie-ID process. Eligible persons must take action to start the process once they receive the letter. All customers who can use the process will receive a letter with a QR code.