PuMa - Points-Based Model Project for Foreign Skilled Workers

Occupations on demand

In general, skilled workers who completed a formal training can work in any trade. However, there is a specifically high demand for jobs in the industrial-technical realm, like in metalworking, electrical engineering and toolmaking. But also the hotel and catering industry as well as the sector of warehousing and logistics have a high demand for skilled workers. Also in demand are Nursery school teachers/educators, but they would need a German language skills level of at least B2. Important: Please note that there are different immigration procedures for occupational fields on the White List and for university graduates. For these professions, there will be no access via PuMa.

Immigration channels outside PuMa – summarised

Immigration channel White List:

  • The so-called White List for bottleneck jobs offers immigration possibilities to people with a completed vocational training. Non-European skilled workers who have completed a formal vocational training recognised in Germany in occupational fields identified in the so called White List are allowed work in Germany. At the moment, more than 130 jobs, especially in the field of health and nursing, mechatronics and electrical engineering, building and supply engineering, as well as jobs in transport and logistics are being listed by the Federal Employment Agency (BA) on the basis of a bottleneck analysis. The Positive List is updated regularly and can be viewed here.

Immigration channel for university graduates: Blue Card

  • Highly qualified professionals can enter the German labour market in an uncomplicated way with the Blue Card of the EU. Among other things, a precondition for the Blue Card EU is a university degree recognised in Germany or comparable to a German university degree – and a minimum annual income. For a sub-group of defined bottleneck graduate professions, there are conditions still less complicated, especially since the minimum annual income is lower. More information on the possibilities for highly skilled professionals can be found on the portal Make it in Germany.

Access for people of the so-called Western-Balkans.

  • For citizens of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, new legal regulations (PDF, 1.5 MB) for entering the German labour market apply since 1.1.2016. However, skilled workers from these countries are also eligible to apply for PuMa. Please find information in different national languages here.

For more information, please visit the website www.make-it-in-germany.com.

For our employers in Baden-Württemberg (Southern Germany), we are especially seeking for: