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In association with the Federal Agency for Employment (Bundesagentur für Arbeit), the Federation of textiles + fashion together with the regional associations of the Textile Industry have initiated the project “Making provisions for the shortage of specialists – recruiting specialists in the EU”. Implementation is performed in cooperation with the EURES network, in which the Federal Agency for Employment is a member.

The German textile and garment industry offers citizens of the European Union diverse job opportunities: nothing moves without textiles: textiles and composite materials can be found in aircraft, cars and ships, in streets and in landscaping, in aeronautics and in aerospace technology – today these fields are no longer competitive without textiles. Textile components are indispensible in energy and environmental technology. Even the healthcare sector depends on textile medical products, from implants to wound treatment products to organ replacements. Textiles are naturally also at home in the fields of garments and fashion. Home and household textiles are all around us in our daily lives.

New textile technologies and concepts provided for greater quality of life and for a better living environment.

If you are interested in employment in the textile and fashion industry in Germany, we are pleased to support you on your way. Well-known employers, including for example internationally operating garment manufacturers, specialist service providers in the field of high-tech fabric for protective clothing and “textile suppliers” who manufacture yarns, felts or labels for further processing, publish their job offers on this website within the framework of the pilot project “Making provisions for the shortage of specialists – recruiting specialists in the EU”.

The goal of our project is to offer mobile applicants with skills and experience in the field of textiles and fashion with vocational perspectives and new work experiences in Germany.

If you are already a trained specialist in a textile vocation, or have vocational experience or have an interest in an apprenticeship in a textile vocation, you can receive information, advice and placement support through the international service providers of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit, the International and Specialized Services (Zentrale Auslands- und Fachvermittlung - ZAV). Our employees have been specially trained to support you in your search for transnational employment and training.

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