Which abilities should you have as a specialist

Vocational experience and knowledge

Ideally you have corresponding vocational qualifications and/or vocational experience and knowledge:

  • Pattern and model makers or comparable training (experience in the creation, graduation and reworking of patterns and models, CAD knowledge is beneficial)
  • Machine and plants operators with a focus on textile finishing, textile technology, weaving, spinning (experience in independent operation as well as cleaning, maintenance and repair of plants and machines, checking and adjusting machine settings as well as quality control)
  • Production mechanics textiles (experience in the set-up, modification, control and maintenance of looms and production plants, quality control; if applicable, programming knowledge is beneficial)
  • Tailors/Seamstresses technical fitters (experience in the operation of production machines and industrial sewing)
  • Specialists for textile technology with a focus on sewing (experience in sewing on various machines, final windings, preliminary work on cutting)
  • Product finishers textiles (machine set-up, monitoring and control of finishing processes, preparation and application of finishing agents, printing pastes, colour solutions or coating media, quality control & documentation)
  • Sewing machine mechanics, industrial mechanics, sewing technicians or equivalent technical training (experience with fast, buttonhole, button, blind stitch, lower and cover stitch machines or power steam units is beneficial; technical understanding)

You can also find detailed information on the vocations in the vocations net (Berufenet) of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit.

At a minimum, you should already have language skills at the A2 level (see common European reference framework) and an interest in further developing these skills. You will find the specific language requirements for the job directly in the job offer.

Textile vocations are not “regulated” in Germany. You do not need any formal recognition in order to exercise these vocations in Germany.