Your great opportunity in the heart of Europe

A Job in the hotel and hospitality industry in Germany

Germany is a popular destination for national and international visitors. There are many factors that contribute to this success:

  • Our unique central location in the heart of Europe,
  • a highly developed infrastructure,
  • an excellent price-performance ratio in an international comparison,
  • Diverse offers for business travellers, nature lovers, city visitors and those seeking relaxation.

The hotel and hospitality sector in Germany offers you a wide range of opportunities to:

  • Start your international career,
  • pursue your career,
  • or even work for just one season in the mountains or by the sea to get to know our beautiful country.

The International Placement Service (ZAV) is part of the Federal Employment Agency and will support you as you start a new phase of your professional development. We are a state-run institution, which means that our service is independent and neutral and there are no charges for you.

Unfortunately, the Corona virus is currently restricting both our social life and the German economy (to the current travel regulations).

Many German companies have been affected by the repercussions of the pandemic, and have either registered for short-time working or have closed their business altogether for the time being. However, it is assumed that the demand for skilled labour in Germany will grow again once the vaccinations take effect and the rates of infection start to reduce. Our businesses are eagerly awaiting the reopening date, and look forward to receiving your application.

We will help you find a suitable job if you have qualifications or work experience in the following professions:

Would you like to receive vocational training in one of these exciting professions?

A dual vocational training completed in a German hotel and hospitality business has an excellent reputation worldwide, and will guarantee you the best international career prospects. We can help you search for a vocational training place when we resume our activities after Covid-19. In addition: In the dual vocational training system you will receive a vocational training salary from the first day of training, which will increase with each year of the generally three-year training period.

What else does it include?

Many employers offer staff accommodation or will help you find accommodation and deal with the authorities. Benefits like job tickets, meals during your attendance times, etc. are often provided. Many leisure activities, such as inexpensive sports clubs and cultural events, will provide plenty of opportunities to make new friends.

You must have German language skills at at least level A2 for the kitchen, level B1/B2 for service and level C1 to work in reception. You should already have language level B2 for vocational training. If you don’t yet have German language skills and have European citizenship, we can offer you financial support for a German course in your home country or in Germany through an EU funding programme.

Apply directly to us and send your current CV:

Apply here !

What happens when we receive your application?

We will contact you and arrange a telephone call to discuss your qualifications and career preferences.

We will then put you in touch with potential employers with whom you can arrange an interview to (virtually) meet. You can then discuss the details of your contract during the meeting.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about your interview with the employer!

Important: As a German federal authority, we provide independent, neutral support that is free of charge!