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ICT Experts for Germany

Register for our OnlineWorkshop on 26.05.2021 "Working in the ICT sector", from 10am till 12am (CET/MEZ).

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Are you a software developer with experience, looking for new exciting opportunities?

Would you like to work in one of the most innovative countries in the heart of Europe?

We, the ZAV - part of the Federal German Employment Service - will support you in the beginning of a new chapter in your personal and professional life. In addition, since we are a state institution, our service is free of charge.

We focus on the city of Berlin and the region of Brandenburg, but with our germanwide organisation we can help you to find a job anywhere in Germany. 


To look at a CV example click here CV (example) (PDF, 676 KB, )


We are happy to work in this project together with Berlin Partner.