Summer jobs in tourism areas

Many tourism companies in Germany need your support for the summer season and offer a wide range of job options in service, sales, housekeeping and kitchen

Why not earn money during the summer, gain experiences abroad and improve your German language skills?

Your chances:

  • With good knowledge of German (from B1 onwards), you might have the possibility to work as a waiter, in breakfast service or sales (e.g. ice cream, snacks, tickets or souvenirs).
  • With basic knowledge of German (A1/A2) you can work in housekeeping teams or in restaurant kitchens.
  • Get to know the most beautiful regions of our country.

The season usually starts in March/April and lasts until October/November. Most jobs are on the North or Baltic Sea coast, on islands or at lakes, in small towns and villages.

The summer jobs are available in small and large companies, in cafes, restaurants, guest houses, hotels, amusement parks and others.

Special features of seasonal jobs:

  • Shift work, including weekends.
  • 40-48 working hours/week.
  • Fitness! You walk long distances during a shift.
  • Stress! Especially on sunny weekends when there are many day guests.

Financial issues:

  • Wages: Minimum wage by German law: €12.41 gross / hour (from 1st of January 2024) or higher.
  • Tipping is quite common in Germany. Friendliness and good service can significantly increase your earnings.
  • The companies usually offer accommodation, mostly at a reasonable rent.
  • Many companies offer staff meals, sometimes for a small fee.


  • positiv:Minimum age 18 years
  • positiv:First professional experience is welcome but not mandatory.
  • positiv:You should be able to work in Germany at least 2-3 months during this time.
  • positiv:You are welcome to apply in small groups of 2 or 3 friends.
  • positiv:At least basic knowledge of the German language is expected.
  • positiv:EU/EEA citizenship

Apply direct to us, write SAISON as a keyword in subject, and send your current CV:


Tipp:Application deadline for the summer season 2024: April 2024.

Please also tell your friends of this opportunity, so that they, too, can apply – maybe together with you! Thank you!