Indian Skilled Workers in IHK Professions

Our range of services

Are you an experienced professional in India with a state-recognised vocational qualification in the field of electrical engineering or information and telecommunications technology and with a desire to live and work in Germany in the long term? Then our project is perfect for you.

What we are offering

The project assumes the costs and provides organisational support in

  • positiv:finding a company in one of the participating regions in Germany,
  • positiv:the recognition of your Indian vocational qualification,
  • positiv:applying for the visa,
  • positiv:language qualification up to the certified German level B2,
  • positiv:finding accommodation,
  • positiv:adaptation training in Germany (if necessary),
  • positiv:your integration in Germany with regards to your professional and social life.

You have to contribute financially in covering the cost of living during the language course and for travel expenses (including flight costs).

Additional requirements

  • positiv:Your residence is in India.
  • positiv:You have a state-recognised qualification called the National Trade Certificate (NTC), National Apprenticeship Certificate (NAC), a diploma or advanced vocational diploma in hotel services or information and telecommunications technology.
  • positiv:You have at least two years' professional experience in the profession corresponding to your qualifications.
  • positiv:You are motivated to live and work in Germany in the long term.

Why a cooperation with us is worthwhile

  • positiv:We will help you find a permanent position in Germany according to your profession.
  • positiv:You will take part in a pilot project supported and financed by the German Federal Government.
  • positiv:With our cooperation network, we accompany you during every step on the way to your new position in a company in Germany. You will have a personnel contact person at all times.
  • positiv:Cooperation with the German Federal Employment Agency ensures the legal framework of your future job [HR1] 
  • positiv:In your new company, we support you as well as your employer during the professional integration.
  • positiv:We also accompany you when you stepping into German society and advise on issues such as finding accommodation, family reunification and administrative to-do’s.
  • positiv:Our mediation process is transparent and fair. You know right from the start what the costs will be and what your own contribution will be.