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Persistence, focus, hard work and time were Nasim's tools on her way to Germany

Nasim M. from Iran came to Germany about six months ago. She has been toying with the idea of coming to Germany since she was a teenager. Even though the reasons have changed, her dream has remained the same. With tireless effort and a lot of perseverance, she has now managed to make this dream come true. In our interview she tells us a bit about her journey.


Team: What was your motivation to work in Germany? Have you been to Germany before? Why did you start learning German?

Nasim M.: There are several reasons for me. Since I was young, I always wanted to go to Germany because we always followed the news about Germany.

When I got older, I studied art including industrial design. In my home country there are no good opportunities for further education or in general any opportunities in this field. In Germany, it's different. I actually wanted to come here to study, but that didn't happen for me. That's why I'm all the more pleased that it has now worked out with an employment contract.

Besides, my sister has been in Germany for 20 years and she likes it very much. Her good experiences in Germany have influenced me and strengthened my good image of Germany. Another reason is of course being close to my sister and her family.

Finally, I started learning German a few years ago. Because of the Corona pandemic there was a big break. It was difficult, but I kept at it.

Team: What was the biggest challenge on your way to Germany?

Nasim M.: The biggest challenge for me was finding a job. I sent out a lot of applications, maybe 300 or even more, and only received rejections or simply no response at all. As soon as employers heard that I applied from abroad, they were no longer interested. Some days I sent 40 or 50 applications, it was hard.

But I think if you are persistent and focus on your goals, something good will come out. I started a power session so to speak and sent a lot of applications for two weeks and then I found a job.

This process takes time and it's a lot of work to customize each application for the different jobs and employers.

Now that I am here in Germany, the biggest challenge for me is to keep learning German and to further improve my German skills.

Team: How did you find ZAV and how could ZAV help you with these difficulties? From your point of view, what was the biggest support from your counsellor?

Nasim M.: My relatives knew ZAV and made the contact. I was in touch with my counsellor via email and she showed me a few websites and job portals where I could specifically search for jobs fitting my profile. Monthly we discussed different applications and I had many open questions. She answered them all and explained every detail.

I couldn't have done it without my consultant. She also gave me a lot of tips, e.g. what salary would be appropriate, etc. I wouldn't have known that without her.

Team: What do you like best in Germany?

Nasim M.: Everything is a bit slower. For example, if you want to open a bank account – in Iran, it takes maybe 15 minutes. Here it takes something like a week or longer. At the beginning I found it strange, but I got used to it. Maybe it's good to do things without stress.

Team: And how do you like the new job?

Nasim M.: To be honest, it's not easy. There are so many challenges for me. The job is very challenging, not only do I do the design but I also do photography. Because it's a small company, I was able to get to know all my colleagues quickly and it's a good working atmosphere.

In the application process, the company already sent me a sample project before I got the employment contract. This way I already knew a little bit what to expect. However, it took me six months until I got the visa.

Team: What would be your personal advice to other interested professionals?

Nasim M.: The best tip: Learn German! That is the biggest challenge.

If you really want it, not just think about it, you have to work a lot for it and focus on the goal. I think this is where every person finds their way and can develop their potential. There is a good discipline in Germany, it works out well. If you work a lot and focus on it, then it is not beyond the realms of possibility.

Team: Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us. We wish you all the best for the future.