Capital Representation

With its Capital Representation, the Federal Employment Agency (BA) maintains an interface with the political bodies of the Bundestag in Berlin.

The Capital Representation is the link between the headquarters of the Federal Employment Agency and the ministries based in Berlin, as well as the Bundestag.

Its employees perform a variety of tasks, including the following:

  • positiv:evaluation and analysis of BA-relevant legislation, political decisions, topics and developments
  • positiv:informing the Management Board and the executives of the BA about these projects or decisions
  • positiv:exchange of information and opinions with representatives of the Bundestag, Bundesrat, Chancellor's Office, ministries and associations on current BA business policy
  • positiv:initial evaluation and coordination of questions from Members
  • positiv:the mediation of technical discussions with representatives from politics and economy

Questions or suggestions? Simply contact the BA's representative in the capital directly:

Street address

Federal Employment Agency
capital council
Friedrich route 39
10969 Berlin, Germany

Postal address

Federal Employment Agency
capital council
PO Box 610418
10927 Berlin

+49 30 555599-2020