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Friends in Cafe in Germany

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Friends in Cafe in Germany

Are you considering working abroad? As the Federal Employment Agency, we are here to support you with our free-of-charge comprehensive advisory services. Our international experts are at your side – from the beginning of your application, right up to when you start to work and live in Germany.

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We know that making a decision to work abroad can be challenging. We make it our mission to help you in the best way, before and after your entry to Germany, to make you feel welcome and supported. Benefit from our wide partner-network, as well as our extensive international expertise:


We are your first point of contact for all your questions on working and living in Germany. We offer individual support in all your life-situations.


Our international experts guide you through the recognition procedure. This process determines whether your qualifications are comparable to the professional standards in Germany.


The Federal Employment Agency offers free and easily accessible support in multiple foreign languages.


By filling out the form, you directly receive quick and non-binding evaluation of your job opportunities in Germany.


We offer you additional help around every topic connected to living in Germany, such as training, studies, qualifications, learning German, entry to the job market and family reunification.


We offer a wide range of job listings in various industries and different locations. Job-seekers can choose from a great selection of opportunities!

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Take the first step and fill out the form below. You will directly receive a first estimate of your chances of working and living in Germany based on your level of German language knowledge and educational degree.

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Fluent: You are able to communicate effectively and accurately (speaking, listening, reading and writing). You can express yourself spontaneously, fluently and precisely in both familiar and unfamiliar situations.

Basic knowledge: You are able to understand spoken language and recognise familiar words, phrases and simple sentences connected to basic topics, such as personal information, family, shopping, local geography and your job. You can communicate in simple and routine tasks, using basic vocabulary and grammar.

No knowledge: You cannot yet communicate in the German language.

Please find further information regarding the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) here.

University degree: A university degree in Germany is a formal qualification earned after completing studies at a university or other higher education institution. After completing the studies, students are awarded a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, for example. Completion of courses offered outside of universities, or those that only provide a participation certificate, do not have equal recognition to university degrees.

Apprenticeship: An apprenticeship refers to vocational education or training, which combines practical and theoretical learning in a profession or trade and finishes with an official degree of the apprenticeship.

No degree: You do not have any professional qualifications.

Here you will find further support for professional qualification .

Logistics: E.g. bus-drivers, couriers, postmen or commercial drivers.

Crafts & Trades Industry: E.g. electrical engineer, construction worker, mason, floorer, industrial cleaner, tinsmith and plumber for sanitary or heating. 

Renewable Energy Jobs: Jobs with a strong focus on sustainability, such as craftspeople (e.g. electronics technicians for energy and building services, heating engineers, plant mechanics - sanitary, heating and air-conditioning technology); engineers (e.g. energy consultants, environmental engineers, design engineers/developers, automotive engineers); IT specialists (e.g. software developers, data scientists).

Other: Please select ‘other’ for all other profession groups not displayed, such as nursing professional, IT-specialist, doctors, scientists or engineers.

You can find detailed information regarding all the professions in demand here.

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Would you like more details? The German government’s portal will provide you with further in-depth information.

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