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Entering the country

Would you like to revitalise your career in the north of the Upper Palatinate, or have you already found a job? There are a few things to consider:

1. Entering Germany

Before entering Germany, you should find out which documents you need to live and work here. As part of the agreement on the free movement of workers, people from EU Member States, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland do not need a permit to reside and work in Germany. If citizens from third countries wish to undertake qualified employment in Germany, they require the recognition of the professional qualifications obtained in their home country and a visa. Here you can find more information about regulations and other types of visa.

2. Registering and de-registering with the authorities

Whenever you move into an apartment in Germany, you must register your new place of residence at the local registration office (town or municipality) within two weeks. You will need:

  • a completed and signed registration form (available at the registration office)
  • your passport or identity card (to change your place of residence / address)
  • confirmation from your landlord

You will only have to de-register your place of residence if you are leaving Germany or if the apartment in question is registered as your secondary place of residence.

Here are your local registration authorities:

3. Looking for an apartment

There are lots of ways to find a suitable place to live. For example, you can use online search engines before arriving in Germany. You can also look for houses or apartments in newspapers and advertisers.

If you would like to put the search in someone else’s hands, an estate agent can find you a house or apartment for a fee. Students should also consider offers from halls of residence.

Do you need help finding a place to live? Get in touch with your Welcome Centre in Weiden to arrange a personal consultation!