Welcome-Center Weiden



Would you like to move to our region with your family, or do you plan on starting a family in the near future? The Welcome Centre in Weiden can help you with the following issues:

1. Maternity leave, parental leave and parental benefits

For working women, maternity leave starts six weeks before the birth of their child and usually ends eight weeks after birth. Mothers are protected against dismissal during pregnancy, and this protection lasts until four months after birth.

You can receive financial support from the state in the form of parental benefits, so that you can reduce or suspend your working hours after the birth of your child.

Working parents are entitled to parental leave. You can stop working without pay to look after your child. 

2. Child benefits, child allowance and Bavarian family allowance

If you live in Germany with your child or work here, you are entitled to child benefit. You currently receive € 250 per month for each child.

You can submit an application for child benefits online, by post or in person at your local Familienkasse. If you only have a low income, you can also apply for additional child allowance.

Application forms and more information in various languages can be found here

Parents in the Free State of Bavaria are also entitled to Bavarian family allowance for any children born as of 1 October 2015. This financial support, amounting to 250 euros per child (or 300 euros from the third child onwards), is paid out from the 13th to 36th month of a child’s life.

3. Childcare

If you would like to return to work after taking maternity or parental leave, various childcare options will help balance your family and career. Children up to the age of three can spend the day at crèches, at nurseries with mixed age groups or with childminders. Children from the age of three can be looked after by childminders, nurseries and other pre-school facilities. Some of the childcare options available for school children include after-school clubs or, depending on the type of school, all-day schools with homework supervision. Please note the registration deadlines at each institution.

If you are trying to decide which day-care facilities are right for your family, you should take a look at the list of different childcare options in the city of Weiden and the districts of Neustadt an der Waldnaab and Tirschenreuth. Older children and teenagers can also contact the following institutions with their questions and concerns: