You would like to do your specialist training?

Our programme for medical doctors, „Specialized!“, guides you through the professional recognition process in Germany up to the full licence (Approbation) and offers the opportunity to start the specialist training.

Specialized !

Since 2017, the programme „Specialized!“ is being offered by the International and Specialized Services (German acronym: ZAV), a department of the Federal Employment Agency in Germany.

The programme had been developed with the support of the network for Integration through Qualification programme (IQ Netzwerk), the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF), the Federal Ministry for Employment and Social Affairs (BMAS) and the Foreign Office (Auswärtiges Amt).

What does the "Specialized!" programme offer?

The basic aim of the programme is to enable medical doctors from Mexico and Colombia to do and complete their specialist medical training in Germany. „Specialized!“ candidates will be offered exclusive job vacancies. We help you with the application for the jobs offered and the following professional recognition process and organize the necessary qualification steps in Germany. We cooperate with hospitals all over Germany, mainly in rural areas.

Participation in the programme is free of charge

For you as a medical doctor, there are no placement or advisory fees.

Participation in the "Specialized!" programme can significantly reduce any outlay and expense for you. The participating hospitals secure the costs of living by paying a salary or grant and organize the first accommodation. Your activity in the clinic parallel to the participation in the medical language course helps to get acquainted with the German everyday work life and health-system right from the start.

However, you should plan your financial resources, for example, for your language course in your home country, costs for the recognition process, i.e. translation and certification costs and for your start in Germany, i.e. transport to Germany, insurances, etc.

Network of experts: In the programme you have a personal contact person at the Federal Employment Agency in Germany who will provide guidance and assistance throughout the entire process. Our experts from the “Integration through Qualification” (IQ) network and the Service Centre for Professional Recognition (ZSBA) will assist you with the recognition of the medical qualifications you obtained in your home country.

Established processes: We coordinate the important steps of your migration process with the regional partners and authorities. We arrange the necessary qualification measures to obtain the „Approbation“, e.g. the medical language course and the preparatory course for the proficiency test (Kenntnisprüfung). Both courses can be subsidised by the state and depending on your income are mainly free of charge for you.  Through the collaboration with the German Embassies in Mexico and Columbia, we can help you with your visa application

Employment security:  We facilitate your application for the nationwide vacancies of our participating hospitals. You decide yourself if you apply for the offered speciality and location. 

 If you successfully complete the selection procedure, you will receive a confirmation of employment first as an „assistant“ or „intern“  while pursuing the medical language course and as a future doctor with a temporary licence, depending on passing the C1 medical language test.

At a glance:  Conditions for programme application

  • Mexican or Colombian citizenship
  • Main residence in Mexico or Colombia
  • Academic qualification in medicine from Mexico or Colombia
  • Professional licence in Mexico or Colombia
  • German language skills at a minimum of B1 level to start the advisory/guidance process
  • German language skills at a minimum of B2 level to approach potential employers
  • Desire to train as a medical specialist in Germany
  • Willingness to live and pursue the medical career in Germany
  • Financial reserves to fund the recognition process and entry into Germany

Applicants from Jordan or other countries can contact our Customer Center for information and assistance.

Step by step to your future Specialist Training in Germany

1. Phase: Guidance and Placement

  • Voraussetzung:Registration for the "Specialized!" programme
  • Voraussetzung:Advice and guidance from the ZAV: Specialist medical field and target region are identified
  • Voraussetzung:Selection process: Application to and selection by hospitals
  • Voraussetzung:Receipt of confirmation of employment

2. Phase: Preparation for coming to Germany

  • Voraussetzung:Preparation of the documents for the application for a full licence (Approbation) or temporary licence (Berufserlaubnis) assisted by recognition advisor
  • Voraussetzung:Applying for the recognition in the federal state of the future employer
  • Voraussetzung:Receipt of statement of relevant recognition authority
  • Voraussetzung:Getting to know your fellow participants and regional supporting network in an online Welcome workshop
  • Voraussetzung:Organizing the accommodation by employer
  • Voraussetzung:Visa application for Germany assisted by the ZAV
  • Voraussetzung:Arrangements for travel to Germany after receiving the visa

3. Phase: Language training and first deployment in the hospital environment as a dual qualification

  • Voraussetzung:Participation in a medical language course up to level C1, (subsidised by the German state)
  • Voraussetzung:Parallel to the course, getting practical experience in the hospital environment, through a "shadowing" programme or part-time employment as a "assistant to doctors"
  • Voraussetzung:Technical medical language for Doctors exam
  • Voraussetzung:After passing the medical language exam you will receive your temporary (Berufserlaubnis) licence

4. Phase: Preparation for the full licence to practise medicine 

  • Voraussetzung:Working as a doctor with a temporary licence
  • Voraussetzung:Depending on the recognition pathway, participation in a preparatory course for the proficiency test (funded by the German state)
  • Voraussetzung:Upon receipt of a confirmation of equivalence (by expert opinion or after passing the proficiency test), you will be granted the full licence to practise medicine.
  • Voraussetzung:Commencement of the medical specialist training