Project description/information


Employment of Licensed nurse from the Philippines to Germany. The project is implemented based on an agreement between the German Federal Employment Agency (BA) and the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) on the procedure, the selection and the placement of nursing professionals.

What does Triple Win Offer?

  • Work placement in Germany according to local conditions
  • Preparatory support in acquiring German language and nursing skills
  • Support with the immigration process and integration in Germany

Who is Responsible?

On the German side, the International Placement Services (ZAV) of the Federal Employment Agency (BA) is responsible for selection and placement, while in the Philippines, it’s the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA). In a cooperation arrangement with BA, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH provides support for the Philippine partner administration, as well as for the nurses’ professional and language skills preparations, and it assists their integration in Germany.

Who can apply?

Application is open to Registered Nurses:

  • positiv:who are citizens of the Republic of the Philippines
  • positiv:whose primary place of residence is the Republic of the Philippines
  • positiv:who can provide certificates of their completed nurse’s training (four years of professional education - Bachelor of Science in Nursing or B.S.N.)
  • positiv:who have an Active Philippine Nursing License
  • positiv:who have a minimum of six months of professional experience as a nurse in hospitals, rehabilitation centres and care institutions.
  • positiv:who have prior knowledge of the German language (technical vocabulary and everyday language – ideally Level B1 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages - an advantage but not required)

Do I have to pay a fee to participate in the project?

The placement, preparation and integration assistance are FOR FREE for applicants. However, applicants must pay processing fees to POEA - they are as follows:

  • positiv:POEA Processing Fee (USD100.00 or its peso equivalent),
  • positiv:OWWA Contribution (USD25.00 or its peso equivalent),
  • positiv:PhilHealth Contribution (Php1,200.00) and
  • positiv:Home Development Mutual Fund Contribution (Php100.00).

In addition, applicants are required to undergo a medical examination with a Philippine DOH-accredited medical clinic of their choice and will bear the associated costs themselves.

How and where can I apply?

The Triple Win Project conducts as many as three (3) application and selection rounds each year. The Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) publishes the dates of the selection rounds in an advertisement. Interested nurses submit applications to the POEA. Application documents must be sent under the following heading: "Triple Win" to the POEA.  Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered.

Which documents do I need to include in my application?

  • positiv:Cover letter and Curriculum Vitae, including a coloured passport photo, and written in English and German (if possible)
  • positiv:High School Diploma (notarized copy)
  • positiv:Diploma of nursing (notarized copy)
  • positiv:Board Certificate and copy of license from Philippine Regulation Commission
  • positiv:Certificate/s of employment from former employer/s (notarized copy)
  • positiv:Certificate of German language skills (if available)
  • positiv:Copy of valid NBI Clearance
  • positiv:Copy of passport.

What are the processes I need to do before deployment?

Applicant needs to undergo the following process in the Philippines

  • Recruitment (at GIZ Office)
    • Project Interview
    • Employer’s Interview
  • Training and Recognition
    • Language course from A1 to B1 conducted in Manila, Cebu and Baguio (under training centres that are commissioned by GIZ)
    • Professional Nursing Orientation (conducted by GIZ)
    • Preparation of Recognition Documents (by GIZ)
  • Pre-Deployment
    • Pre-Departure Employment Orientation Seminar (at OWWA office)
    • Medical Exam (through DOH accredited Facilities)
    • Contract Signing (at POEA office)
    • Visa Preparation (at GIZ Office)
    • Pre-flight Briefing (at POEA Office)

Depending on the candidates’ German skills, the period between the selection interviews and their departure for Germany will be around twelve (12) to fourteen (14) months.

Will I have the support of my integration into German society?

GIZ Triple Win project candidates after their arrival in Germany provides support and monitors their integration through an integration advisor. Following the arrival of professional staff in Germany, GIZ, during a one-day visit, helps with the obligations of candidates towards state administrations. In the case of special issues during the first year of employment, the professional staff and the employer can contact GIZ and ZAV who offers counseling and referral.