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Great career prospects with a German vocational qualification in the hotel and gastronomy sector

German vocational training has an excellent international reputation and also offers you great career opportunities internationally. According to many experts, the vocational training system is the reason for the relatively low youth unemployment rate in Germany.

What is dual vocational training?

Your training takes place in a company. At the same time you will attend vocational school. This provides you with theoretical and practical knowledge about your profession. Further information can be found in the frequently asked questions about the training process. The degree that you will obtain is recognized by the state. That is why these professions are also called "recognized training professions". Training usually starts on August 1 or September 1. In individual cases, training can also start on a different date.

The duration of training is between 2 and 3.5 years. Depending on your school-leaving qualification, the duration can also be shortened in some cases.

What will you earn?

You will receive a salary during your training. This salary is fixed defined in your contract and is called "training allowance". The amount of the payment varies depending on the apprenticeship occupation and region, and will increase once a year. Typically, the amount is also determined by a collective agreement.

You can find more information about the German vocational training system here in GermanEnglish or Spanish.

Accomodation and meals

Many training companies provide accommodation (often in a shared apartment with other young people) and meals during the attendance period at favorable conditions. Others provide help in the search for an affordable room.

Interested? We are happy to support you in your search for a vocational training spot!

If you meet the following requirements, you are a great candidate for a vocational training program:
  • You are motivated to work in the hotel and gastronomy sector
  • You have basic knowledge of the German language (A1/A2) and the willingness to further improve your language skills (see below for more information) – other language skills are also helpful
  • You are 18 to 27 years old (there is no actual age limit, older applicants can also contact us, but the majority of the trainees come from this age group)
  • You have a school leaving certificate (although this is not always a formal criterion, it will significantly simplify the application process)
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You don’t speak German fluently yet? – We will help you improve your language skills!

It doesn’t have to be perfect! You should have the basics to communicate in German. In order to start vocational training in Germany you will need a B2 level according to the Common European framework of reference for languages.

What are your possibilities?

If you already have a good level of German, you can apply for the next possible starting date. 

European citizens (EU/EWR) have the possibility to apply for EU funding for a preparatory language course in their home country. We can help you with your application!

Citizens from other countries can apply for a visa before their vocational training begins in order to improve their language skills in a course and reach level B2. You will need your registration for a language course when you apply for a visa before your training starts.