Find the right job with MYSKILLS

If you are looking for work and have professional experience, we can help you advance your job search with the MYSKILLS test: The test result will help you to demonstrate your abilities.

Use your professional skills

With MYSKILLS, you can demonstrate what professional skills you have acquired thus far. The test is intended for people who do not have a vocational qualification that is recognized in Germany. It is also suitable for job-seekers who have not worked in their profession for a long time.

If you prefer reading this webpage in Arabian, Russian, Persian (Farsi) or Turkish:


How MYSKILLS works

The test takes place in the employment offices and is currently available for 8 vocational training areas. The participants answer questions about tasks in one of these occupations on the computer. They review accompanying videos and pictures of work situations.

Those who complete the test will receive a test result with individual evaluations for the areas of responsibility in the respective profession.

How this benefits your job search

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  • The test result clearly shows your experience and skills from your working history. 
  • Your employment agency can thus better match you with suggestions for jobs or further training.
  • You may use the test result in job applications, if you wish. Then the employer learns about what you can do.

Answers to frequently asked questions about MYSKILLS

At the moment, you may do MYSKILLS tests on the following occupations in the employment offices:

  • Automotive Mechatronic Technician – Passenger Car Engineering (female or male)
  • Baker (female or male)
  • Building and object coater / Painter (female or male)
  • Cabinet maker (male or female (female or male)
  • Chef / Cook (female or male)
  • Cleaning worker for buildings (female or male)
  • Construction worker for masonry work (female or male)
  • Elderly care nurse (female or male)
  • Electronics Technician for operating technology (female or male)
  • Farmer (female or male)
  • Food processing technology expert (female or male)
  • Food Salesperson in a bakery (female or male)
  • Furniture, kitchen, and moving specialist (female or male)
  • Gardener (female or male)
  • Hairdresser (female or male)
  • Hospitality expert (female or male)
  • Housekeeper (female or male)
  • Industrial electrician (female or male)
  • Installations expert (female or male)
  • Interior construction expert (female or male)
  • IT specialist (female or male)
  • Machine & equipment operator (female or male)
  • Metals technology expert (female or male)
  • Plumber (female or male)
  • Process mechanic (female or male)
  • Salesperson (female or male)
  • Tailor (female or male)
  • Trucker / Driver (female or male)
  • Underground construction expert (female or male)
  • Warehouse clerk

You may choose among 6 languages:

  • German
  • English
  • Persian (Farsi)
  • Standard Arabic
  • Turkish
  • Russian

You will receive the result in the language of your choice and in German.

How to do the MYSKILLS test

If you wish to take the test, please contact your employment agency case worker at your employment agency or at your job centre.

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