Family Benefits Office of the BA takes stock: 2022 characterised by additional support benefits

Because of higher prices, inflation and increased energy costs, the Federal Government decided to introduce further benefits in addition to child benefit and child bonus.

14 Feb 2023 | Press release no.9

“Our benefits help families, especially in the corona and energy crisis. Within the framework of our standard benefits child benefit and child allowance, we not only paid out more than 49 billion euros to over 10 million families”, stated the Director of Family Benefits Office of the BA, Karsten Bunk. “In the framework of special benefits, additional support was provided to families in the form of the 2022 child bonus for people entitled to child benefit, and the immediate supplement to child allowance.”

The benefits in detail: 

In 2022, the Family Benefits Office paid out child benefit and child allowance to 10.24 million customers. It processed 2.73 million applications for child benefit and child allowance. The amount paid out was in total 49.21 billion euros, 47.92 billion euros of which was for child benefit and 1.29 billion euros for child allowance.

In July 2022 it additionally transferred the child bonus 2022 to families as a one-off special benefit. The child bonus in the amount of €100 was intended to help families absorb the burden of price increases. It thus paid out 1.7 billion euros to people entitled to child benefit for 17 million children. 

With the immediate supplement 2022, the Family Benefits Office was able to permanently raise child allowance by 20 euros from July 2022. In the course of this the BA has paid out 91 million euros for 800,000 children. 

The Family Benefits Office also continues to be fundamentally committed to the expansion of its digital services. “The completely paper-free child benefit application using ELSTER, the application for child allowance with digital ID card (eID), but also the messaging function in addition to uploading, further round off our already existing online services, consisting of child allowance video intro, online scheduling for video consultation and digital information tools at (available in German). With these we are making access to our services even less complicated for families”, emphasises Bunk.