Nationwide online portal for further vocational education launches on 1st January 2024

The Federal Employment Agency (BA) is officially opening its new online portal, “mein NOW”, on 01.01.2024. Its goal is to offer people in working life, employers and providers of further education a central access point for the topic of further vocational education – which is available on the internet.

22 Dec 2023 | Press release no.57

As the central medium for further education, “mein NOW” highlights offerings at the level of both the federal states and nationwide. It offers five services: 

  • Information on occupations, industries and prospects,
  • Career guidance tests,
  • Search function for further education courses,
  • Information on financial support,
  • Information on where to find advice.

“mein NOW” brings together information on a wide range of further education courses in a high-quality and clear way at one single source on the internet.

At the launch of the “mein NOW” product, the data will be provided through the KURSNET process of the Federal Employment Agency. The goal is to integrate as much data as possible from further public education portals into “mein NOW” during the course of 2024 – for this purpose, extensive discussions are now taking place with potential partners to the portal.

The first version of “mein NOW” is being launched in the internet on 01.01.2024. Additional functions are to be added throughout 2024.
The BMAS initiated the project as part of the National Education Strategy (NWS), and has provided guidance for its development.

From the first of January, “mein NOW” will be available at