Meet employers online and find a job: the Job Turbo Action Days for refugees

From 30th January until 1st February, as part of the Job Turbo initiative, the BA is holding Digital Action Days with the goal of bringing job-seeking refugees together with businesses throughout Germany that are currently recruiting. Refugees who have completed their integration course will have the opportunity to meet with different employers online and learn about the available employment and training opportunities. 

19 Jan 2024 | Press release no.5

Over the course of three days, in one-hour slots taking place between 10:00 and 16:00 hrs., businesses will provide an initial insight into how employees can start working from them, the specific vacancies which are available and the training opportunities that are on offer. In addition to further information about businesses, employees with a migrant background can also discuss their personal experiences. In addition, the Family Benefits Office and job centres will also be providing information about the services that they offer in the context of taking up employment.

Daniel Terzenbach, Chair of the Regions at the BA: “We previously tested the online format during the digital parents’ evenings for careers advice and had very good experiences with it. As part of the Job Turbo initiative, we now want to bring refugees together with businesses throughout Germany that currently have job vacancies. I am confident that a large number refugees will have the confidence to apply for jobs at the businesses afterwards, even if their German language skills aren’t so great. After all, we want to fill as many job vacancies as possible.”

With the Job Turbo initiative, the German federal government wants to get refugees into work even faster. Refugees who have completed an integration course should gain work experience as quickly as possible and gain further qualifications at the same time as their sustainable integration. Right now, Ukrainians form the largest group of refugees: in December, 128,000 people with Ukrainian nationality who had registered at the federal employment agencies and job centres attended an integration course, 92,000 of whom are set to complete their integration course within the next six months. To date, approximately 110,000 Ukrainian refugees have taken up employment subject to social security contributions and 35,000 have taken up mini jobs. 483,000 Ukrainian refugees of working age are currently still receiving Citizen’s Benefit.

Further information on the Digital Action Days, the participating companies and the dates is available on our website: Job Turbo Action Days - Get Work in Germany (available in German).

Participants do not have to register or sign up to take part.