Better advice for the recognition of professional qualifications from abroad

Central Service Centre for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications opens in Bonn

17 Feb 2020 | Press release no.8

The Familienkasse of the Federal Employment Agency (BA) clearly distances itself from such providers.

Karsten Bunk, Head of the BA Familienkasse: “We would always advise you to submit your application for child benefits directly to us. We guarantee the quick and legally compliant processing of your documents and the protection of your personal data”.

All current information, application forms and evidence forms are provided for free by the Familienkasse. If you are eligible to receive child benefits, you can also conveniently report any changes to your living and housing situation whenever you like on the Familienkasse website (

You can also contact the customer service team at the Familienkasse from Monday to Friday (8am to 6pm) on +49 800 4 5555 30 (free of charge).