Telephone network overloaded

calls to Jobcenter and Agentur für Arbeit limited to emergencies

17 Mar 2020 | Press release no.12

Due to the high number of incoming calls over the past few days, the local Jobcenter and Agentur für Arbeit offices are now only accepting a limited number of calls. Our telephone network is currently overloaded. We kindly ask you to limit your calls to emergencies.

  • The following applies to all appointments: Customers do NOT have to cancel their appointments. This will not result in any financial disadvantages, legal consequences or sanctions.
  • Deadlines in benefits processes will be suspended for the time being. Customers will be notified in good time if these regulations change.
  • Jobcenter and Agentur für Arbeit branches are also setting up their own hotlines. The numbers will be announced locally.

Our incoming call volume has increased to ten times the usual level over the past few days, which has resulted in an overload for our network provider.

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