Child bonus

Family welfare office gives a positive intermediate assessment.

22 Sep 2020 | Press release no.40

The initial instalments of the child bonus, amounting to 200 euros for around 16 million children, were paid out starting on 7 September. The second instalment of 100 euros will be paid out automatically starting on 7 October, without families having to submit an application. Child benefit recipients, whose entitlement to child benefits ended between January and August of 2020, will receive the child bonus in the months of November and December. No application is required for such recipients. Child bonuses are always paid to the child benefit recipient who most recently received benefits for the child. To avoid payment errors, submit address and account information changes to the responsible regional family welfare office by 31 October at the latest. One convenient way to do so is by using the “Submit changes” feature at

The child bonus is not paid out together with child benefits, but rather as a separate payment. Payment dates are based on the last number of the recipient's child benefit number. This is also accessible online at under “Information on the child bonus”. There may be several days between when the child benefit and child bonus are paid out, since the family welfare office will be making two payments and since banking institutions will need to process two transfers.<! [if gte mso 9]><![endif] ><! [if gte mso 9]>Normal021falsefalsefalseDEZH-CNAR-SA<![endif] ><! [if gte mso 9]><![endif] ><! [if gte mso 10]><![endif] >